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Cycling routes - Circuit around Boží Dar

Length: 26,9 km
Dificulty: difficult
Bikes: cross bike, mountain bike

The circuit to Špičák and back to Boží Dar offers a visit to the St.Anne church, royal mint, Šliknov castle etc.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Boží Dar 
 1023 m n.m.      2005 
 Crossroad Jahodovka 
 979 m n.m.      2005 
 870 m n.m.      2005 
 Popovský kříž 
 729 m n.m.      2005 
 848 m n.m.      2005 
 936 m n.m.      2005 
 889 m n.m.      2005 
 Božídarský Špičák 
 1056 m n.m.      2005 
 U Černé 
 978 m n.m.      2005 
 Boží Dar 
 1023 m n.m.      2005 

 Boží Dar - St.Anne Church - Late baroque building from 1772. The birthplace of Anton Günther a songwriter.
 Jáchymov – Down hall - royal mint (built by Ferdinand I.), after the mint finished its production in 1671 the building was used as the seat of mining and metallurgical administration, since 1716 mining school (predecessor of The Mining Academy in Příbram and the Mining University in Ostrava)
By the blue touristic sign: Šlikovský castle (Freudenstein) above the mint, built in the first years after the city was established. Since 1574 the seat of governors. First tries to mint the later famous Tolars should have taken place in its cellars.
Town halloriginally in 1540 – 44 the house of Jeroným Šlik . The building has vast cellars and grand floor rooms with archways. The entrance portal is an exceptional example of stonework. On the wall of the tower above the portal the sign of the city can be found with St.Jáchym and St.Anne
 Božídarský Špičák (1115m)

Cycling routes - Circuit around Boží Dar

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