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Cycling routes - Circuit in the Břeclav area

Length: 9,7 km
Dificulty: medium
Bikes: cross bike

The track leads mainly through and easy straight terrain and is suitable for recreational bikers and children. It is possible to see the Pohansko settlement of an archeological museum along the way.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Břeclavská stezka 
 158 m n.m.      Green tourist's route 
 Beskydsko-Karpatská Magistrála 
 151 m n.m.      43 
 hradiště Pohansko 
 158 m n.m.      9 
 zámeček Pohansko chateau 
 158 m n.m.       9, Green tourist's route 
 Františkův rybník 
 166 m n.m.      9,42 
 158 m n.m.        

 Settlement Pohansko - Settlement Pohansko probably from 9th-11th century.
 There is a small chateau on the edge of the settlement. Chateau Pohansko built in 1810-1812 in the empire style and was used as a hunting lodge of the Lichteštejn. Now there is an exposition of the local archeological sites. About 500 meters from the archeological area you can find the bunker Řopík.

Cycling routes - Circuit in the Břeclav area

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