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Cycling routes - Circuit to Holašovice and back

Length: 40,3 km
Dificulty: difficult
Bikes: cross bike, mountain bike

An easy trip that will leads you to Holašovice to see the architecture of so called rural baroque.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 430 m n.m.      1103 
 439 m n.m.      1103 
 566 m n.m.      1090 
 Třešňový Újezdec 
 559 m n.m.      1090 
 648 m n.m.      1090 
 695 m n.m.      1139 
 736 m n.m.      1090 
 Sedm Chalup 
 605 m n.m.      1085,1196 
 601 m n.m.      to Babice 
 503 m n.m.      1094A 
 469 m n.m.      1104 
 441 m n.m.      route 145 
 430 m n.m.        

 Netolice – One of the oldest towns in South Bohemia. Its historical center has been called a monument zone in 1994.
Premysl settlement on the St.Jan hill There are some part still left from the castle that used to be a guard of important business roads. It is a place of findings of ceramics from 10th to 13th century. It is also possible to visit the local archeological park. br> Water tower by the Mollerovský Pond is a relic of the historic wooden plumbing system leading to the town. Kratochvíle Chateau
is one of the jewels or renaissance. The chateau can be found about 2km North of Netolice. .
Mnich pond - established in 15th century. There are two historically valuable bridges.
 Grejnarov - Grejnarovwas originally a renaissance chateau near Netolice which was used by the Gejnar family in 16th and 17th century. Nowadays it is used as a riding arena.
 Kuklov - Kuklov - ruin of a castle from 14th century. There is also a ruin of a monastery from 15th century nearby.
 Holašovice – This village is a part of UNESCO. It is a typical example of so called rural baroque style in South Bohemia.
 Babice - The village of Zvířetice, which was declared a monumental zone, is a part of Babice.

Cycling routes - Circuit to Holašovice and back


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