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Cycling routes - Through Nature park Třebíčsko I.

Length: 43 km
Dificulty: medium
Bikes: cross bike

Landscape relief in the round of Nature park Třebičsko is made by boulder islands with woods and shrubs, ponds, woods, and the limits of individual trees in the undulating hills. The trace starts and finish in Třebíč.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 413 m n.m.       cycle way no. 5106 
 448 m n.m.       cycle way no. 5106 
 463 m n.m.      cycle way no. 5109 
 501 m n.m.        
 422 m n.m.       cycle way no. 5178 - Mlynářská stezka 
 399 m n.m.        
 482 m n.m.      road 
 458 m n.m.       cycle way no. 5106 
 413 m n.m.        

 Among the historical monuments in the square are Třebíče Painted house with graffiti. In the middle of the lower side of the square stands the Black House, which is also covered with figural graffiti. City Tower at the St.. Martin, ranked first on the European continent with the dimensions of the tower clock. The treasures of European architecture is the Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St.. Prokop, is registered on the UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage. The list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2003, entered the Jewish quarter, together with the Jewish cemetery.
 In Trnava is protected natural monument "Kobylinec - grass area with a rare Pasque. This is the nicest place in March and April, when Pasque has flowers.
 Nesměř is located in the beautiful valley of river Oslavy.
 Castle Budišov

Cycling routes - Through Nature park Třebíčsko I.

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