Czech mountains » Eagle Mountains » Route - Broumov - chapel Na Hvězdě

Broumov - Na Hvězdě

   The route starts near the railway station in Broumově and continue to town-square. From there we go along the small ponds under Nová kolonie to eastern part of village Křinice. On the crossroad the route continues to the left and to the wood and hamlet called Jalovčinec. From there we go on road to crossroad under the gulch Zaječí rokle. In the upper part of this gulch we continue to crossroad Pelovka. Than on red tourist way to crossroad Nad Hálkovou roklí. Along the rock formations Stěny through several gulchs to road called Pánova cesta. From there the route goes under the hill Supí hnízdo and on red tourist way to the end of gulch Kovářova rokle. On wide road we continue to baroque chapel of the Virgin and tourist cottage Na Hvězdě.

Town-squarein Broumov
Chapel Na Hvězdě
Sight from ambit of chapel