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Teplice nad Metují - Dolní Adršpach

  The route starts in Teplice nad Metují near the church and continue on local road to Horní Teplice. Here we turn to the right to small saddle in village Nový Dvůr. From there it goes on meadow way to Vernéřovická spring and on yellow tourist way to mountain Buková hora. The route continues down across the hill Družstevní vrch to the centre of village Zdoňov to church. We go through the village and ov the yellow tourist way mount to the crossroad under the mountain Křížový vrch. The green tourist way goes to the top of mountain, where is the beautiful view-point. From the top of Křížový vrch the route goes down on yellow tourist way to village Dolní Adršpach.

Chateau in Teplice nad Metují
Hill Křížový vrch
Dolní Adršpach