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Trip to surroundings of Harrachov

The way starts near the bus station in Harrachov and continues to the centre to crossroadr near the Information centre. From there it goes on the green tourist way around restaurant Pod Čerťákem along the Ryzí brook to Rýžoviště. In the end of gradient the road turn to the right and continue to Ručičky. From there is beautiful view to surroundings. From the crossroads rises the way on the yellow tourist way on the slopes of Zadní Plech to the place named Krakonošova snídaně. Near the junction of rivers Malá Mumlava and Velká Mumlava we can find a little penthouse. From there we goes first on the blue and than on the red tourist way along the river Mumlava to waterfalls of Mumlava. We can see to the waterfall from the small bridge. Than we continue on the blue tourist way back to Harrachov to bus station. (Total length about 15km)
Waterfall of Mumlava