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Trip to surroundings of Janské Lázně

The trip starts near the colonnade on the square in Janské Lázně. Than we goes around the hotel Lesní dm and than to the right on road and path up through wood. Than we continue on "Zvonková" way to valley Těsný důl and to Zinnecker´s chalets. From there the trip goes around the funicular to Sokolská chalet. Than we continue to mountain hotel Černá bouda and on blue tourist way to crossroads U Pardubických Bud. From this crossroads we walk around the hamlet Velké Pardubické Boudy on the slope of Světlá mountain. In the acude bend we turn to yellow tourist way through rock-town to road near the Modrokamenecká chalet and to small wood near Černohorský brook. After its overrun we go on road back to square in Janské Lázně. (Total length about 13km)
Colonnade in Janské Lázně
Funicular to Černá mountain