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Trip to surroundings of Žacléř

Trip starts in the centre of Žacléř and from square continues on green tourist way to Královec and than up aroud the chalets to beautiful view-point. From this point is view to Poland and Vraní mountains. Than we go on blue tourist way to crossroads and Vizovské chalets. On stone road we continue around the cross to Baroque Rychorský cross. Here we turn to the left to crossroads near Rýchorská chalet and on red tourist way throuh Dvorský wood to small saddle near the fort. This fort named Stachelberg is the biggest fort from the Word War II. From there we continue to crossroads over the village Babí and there we cross on green tourist way on road and on meadow to small chapel in valley Prkenný Důl. From there we go back around the church to town-square in Žacléř. (Total length about 15km)
Sight of Vraní mountain from Rýchorský ridge