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Hiking trail - Bedřichov - Bílý Potok

Length: 20,4 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: NO, Marking: marked

The route goes from Lesní chata (Forest Cottage) in Bedřichov by the yellow sign and by the so called Vládní (Governement route) to Nová Louka (New Meadow). From there it continues to the right by blue around Blatný rybník (Marshland pond) and by a forest road around Tetřeví Kámen (Capercaillie Rock) to the former glassmaking settlement Kristiánov. After that it continues to Rozmezí (Range) and to the Jedlová stream. From there around peat-bogs Na Čihadle and Klečovská louka by a forest way to Smědava to the Smědava cottage. From Smědava it leads down by the red sign first steeply by the forest and then a meadow to the village of Bílý Potok. It continues all the way through the village to the train station.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Bedřichov - Lesní chata 
 762 m n.m.        
 Nová Louka 
 790 m n.m.       cyclo route 3019, crossroad with cyclo route 3023 
 816 m n.m.       cyclo route 3019, crossroad of red and yellow route 
 1000 m n.m.       cyclo route 3019, then 22 
 983 m n.m.        
 Malá klečová louka - crossroad 
 967 m n.m.      crossroad with yellow route 
 841 m n.m.      cyclo route 3019, then 22 
 Sedmitrámový most - bridge 
 598 m n.m.        
 Bílý Potok - train station 
 403 m n.m.        

 Bedřichov - Lesní chata (Forest Cottage) – A former glassmaking settlement on the upper stream of Bílá Nisa. It lies in a mountain valley 707 AMSL. It became a recreation center not only for the residents of Jablonec and Liberec area. It is considered one of the most important centers of winter recreation in the Czech Republic.
 Nová Louka (New Meadow) – It is a solitude on the Blatný potok (Moor stream). The only building standing there today is the Cottage of Šámal – Šámalova chata with a beloved restaurant. This solitude stands near the natural reservation Nová louka which protects local peat-bog. Another name for the area is also the Šámal meadow after the First Republic chancellor Přemysl Šámal, who used the cottage.
 Kristiánov – Memorial of glassmaking in Jizera Mountains – One of the highest situates museums in the Czech Republic. It is located in the so called Liščí Bouda a former glassblower’s pub which is the only building left of the glassmaking settlement Kristiánov established in 18th century by the glassblowers family of Riedels. Here you can see an exposition including a wooden model of the smelting plants areal. An old cemetery with the remains of the owners of the glasshouse is also a part of the area. Opening hours Mo-Fri 9am to 5pm.
 Rozmezí – On the left of the road you can see the top of Černá hora Mountain- 1085 AMSL, after Smrk and Jizera it is the highest mountain of the Jizera Mountains.
 Čihadla - Not far from the crossing there is a natural reserve (since 1987). It is an area with saddle bogs peat spurs and ponds There is a seeing tower with basic information about the highlands. The name was given after the hunters who used to wait there for migratory birds.
 Malá klečová louka - crossing – The state natural reserve Klečové Louky ( Dwarf Pine Meadows) consists of two mountain peat-bogs. The name came from the dense growth of dwarf pines on both peat-bogs. Smědava- Smědava is the name of an area around the mountain cottage by the same name. The saddle under Smědava mountain (1084 AMSL) is the top of the only car road cutting across the Jizera Mountains and connecting Bílý Potok and Desná. The area was settled in about 1814, when lumberjacks, colliers and cow shepherds used to live there. The first touristic cottage was built there in 1841. There is a bus from Frýdlant which stops by the cottage and there is a parking place right in front of it. It is a beloved place to stop for cyclists, cross country skiers and tourists as well.
 Bílý Potok - train station – Village established in 1594 by Melichor of Redern. It lies on both banks of Smědá river. Today it is one of the favorite recreational places in the Jizera mountains with a number of touristic establishments. The local church of The Holy Trinity built between 1888-1890 is an important sight.

Hiking trail - Bedřichov - Bílý Potok

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