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Hiking, Trip to surroundings
Around the village Hora Sv. Sebastiana

Length: 21,5 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: YES, Marking: partialy marked

Trail trip begins in village Hora Sv.Šebestián, then continues following the red mark along the road into the valley Bezručova údolí and over Novovesské and Novodomské polesí at the top Hadinec. Then, the route leads around Nový Rybník to Nový Dům, then follows the blue sign around the lake Starý rybník and to the nature reserve Buky through the valley of river Kamenicka to the water tank Kamenicka. From there the route leads into the valley to Třetí mlýn. Tour route turns right and goes through the valley along the river Chomutovka. After a moment filled with yellow mark, and after it leaves the valley and leads to Menhartice. Here, the trail connects to cycle way No. 3003, and after it is returned to the trail to Hora Sv.Šebestiána.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Hora Sv. Šebestiána 
 830 m n.m.         
 Bezručovo údolí 
 812 m n.m.         
 Nový Dům – gamekeeper's house 
 806 m n.m.       the crossroad of tourist paths 
 Dam - Kamenička 
 738 m n.m.         
 Třetí mlýn 
 536 m n.m.        
 734 m n.m.      cycle way n. 3003 
 Hora Sv. Šebestiána 
 830 m n.m.        

 The town is situated in mountainous areas of Ore mountains near the state border with Germany in the valley between two peaks Novoveský hill and Menhartický hill.
 One of the longest and most beautiful valley of Ore mountains caused by the river Chomutovka. You can see here the remains of three mills Dolský mlýn.
 Kamenička is dam located at Kamenický creek, near the northern edge of the city Chomutov, which supplies with drinking water the surroundings.

Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around the village Hora Sv. Sebastiana

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