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Hiking, Trip to surroundings
Janské Lázně area

Length: 10,4 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: YES, Marking: marked

The trip starts by the hotel Lesní Dům on the edge of Janské Lázně. From there it climbs up by the red track through the forest and by a rocky road to Těsný Důl and to Loučné Boudy (cottages). Then it continues by a car road up around the cable car to the top station by Sokolská Bouda (cottage) and to the mountain hotel Černá Bouda. There it turns right and descends by the blue track to the crossroad U Pardubických Bud. Then the trip leads by the green track around Velká Pardubická Bouda (cottage) and Modré Kameny (rocks) to the Modrokamenná Bouda (cottage). By the cottage it turns right and descends by the blue track back to Lesní Dům hotel in Janské Lázně.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Hotel Lesní dům 
 661 m n.m.        
 Loučné boudy 
 1046 m n.m.       cyclo route 19A 
 Černá bouda - crossroad 
 1267 m n.m.      crossroad with yellow route 
 U Pardubických bud - crossroad 
 1213 m n.m.        cyclo route 1B 
 Nad Modrými kameny - crossroad 
 963 m n.m.      crossroad with yellow route 
 Modrokamenná bouda 
 796 m n.m.        
 Hotel Lesní dům 
 661 m n.m.        

 Hotel Lesní dům – Janské Lázně are the only important spa on the Czech side of Giant Mountains. The healing springs were discovered in 14th century. The owner of the duchy the duke Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg established the spa in 17th century. There are about 30 healing springs in the spa area and many spa buildings. There are some architectonically interesting buildings such as the Art Nouveau spa colonnade from the end of 19th century and pseudo gothic church from 1885.
 U Pardubických Bud –crossroad – This section leads by the same way as the 1st track of the Giant Mountains Educational Cycling Track.

Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Janské Lázně area

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