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Hiking trail - Liberec – Hejnice

Length: 15,4 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: NO, Marking: marked

The trip starts in Liberec Lidové sady and leads along the blue track to the crossroad Mlynářův Kříž (cross). From there it continues to Rudolfov and through the valley of Černá Nisa all the way to Bedřichovské předhradí and then by the yellow track to the crossroad Závory and over Olivetská hill to the valley of Malý Štolpich. Then it continues along the blue track through Bílá Kuchyně to Viniční cesta (way) and Ferdinandov. From Ferdinandov along the green track to Hejnice.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Liberec - Lidové sady 
 415 m n.m.        
 Mlynářův kříž - crossroad 
 602 m n.m.        
 Crossroad to Bedřichov dam 
 785 m n.m.        
 793 m n.m.          
 Pod Olivetskou horou 
 789 m n.m.        
 Bílá Kuchyně 
 827 m n.m.        
 459 m n.m.         
 Hejnice - church 
 377 m n.m.        

 Liberec - Lidové sady – A garden restaurant Belvedere was opened here in 1874 by Emil Sieber. The capacity was 3000 places. In 1897 the new restaurant area with a view tower was planned by the town council. It has been built 1900-1901. The 35m high tower is open daily 10-17. There is a hall inside with the capacity of 1000 people used for many cultural actions.
 Crossroad to Bedřichov dam – Bedřichov dam is the highest placed dam in Jizera Mountains. It is situated 755AMSL and is 340m wide and 23,5m high. Built 1902-1909 as a precaution for floods and to manage the flow in dry times. It is used for 3 water power stations, recreation and fishing.
 Pod Olivetskou horou – The trip leads over Olivetská hill (886AMSL)
 Bílá Kuchyně (White Kitchen) – crossroad with shelter.
 Ferdinandov – Ferdinandov is a part of the town of Hejnice. The village was established in 1781 between the river of Malý and Velký Štolpich. There are a few waterfalls in the nearby reservation Bučiny.
 Hejnice – church – There is a legend about the origin of the pilgrimage church dating it back to 1211. A healing stream originating in nearby Libverda was probably the reason of pilgrimages to this area. There was also a Franciscan monastery started here in 1692. Hejnice was promoted to town in 1917. There are several natural reserves and protected areas in this location.

Hiking trail - Liberec – Hejnice

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