High Tatras High Tatras High Tatras

Hiking, Trip to surroundings
Through Oskava valley to the ruin of Rabštejn

Length: 11,3 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: YES, Marking: partialy marked

This trip starts in the mountain village called Bedřichov. It starts by the red touristic track to the crossroad Bedřichov-hájenka where it turns left and still following the red track it climbs up along a car road at first and then by a forest track to the crossroad at Rabštejn. Then it still goes up to the ruin of Rabštejn castle with nice views. Then it descends back to the crossroad and down by the blue and yellow track to crossroad Pod Rabštejnem (Under Rabštejn). There the trip turns to the right, down by the yellow track and leads to the crossroad Rabštejnský Potok (stream). There it leaves the yellow track and turns right. Then it descends along the Oskava river (cycling track number 6132) back to Bedřichov.


 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 451 m n.m.       crossorad with green tourist route 
 Bedřichov, hájovna 
 512 m n.m.        
 pod Rabštejnem crossroad 
 731 m n.m.      crossorad with yellow and blue tourist route 
 Ruins of castle Rabštejn 
 790 m n.m.        
 Rabštejn crossroad 
 731 m n.m.          
 Pod Rabštejnem 
 674 m n.m.       crossorad with blue tourist route 
 Rabštejnský potok 
 643 m n.m.      crossorad with yellow tourist route 
 Bedřichov, hájovna 
 512 m n.m.         
 451 m n.m.        

 Bedřichov – A recreational area in the protected natural reserve Jeseníky. This area is mainly visited for its clear air and unspoiled nature.
 The ruin of Rabštejn – This castle was the highest placed castle of historical Moravia. It was established in 13th century and deserted by 18th. It is possible to reach the ruin by ladders and there are great views of Haná and Hrubý Jeseník. The rocks are frequently visited by rock climbers.

Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Through Oskava valley to the ruin of Rabštejn

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High Tatras High Tatras High Tatras