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Hiking trail - Mountain Pass Skřítek - Červenohorské Mountain Pass

Length: 24,3 km
Dificulty: easy
Circle: NO, Marking: partialy marked

The trip starts in Skřítek (Elf) by the local motorest and it continues by a forest path following the green signs to an information point Nad Skřítkem (Above The Elf). Then it goes around a natural reserve called Rašeliniště Na Skřítku to Ztracené Kameny (Lost Stones) where beautiful views can be admired. Then the trip continues by the mountain ridge around rocks Pec and Pecný to Jelení Studánka (Deer Spring) which is the source of Podolský stream. From there it continues along the red touristic track to Kamzíček (Chamois) around Vysoká Hůl (High Rod) and Petrovy Kameny (Peter’s Rocks) to Ovčárna and then by an asphalt road to the top of Praděd Mountain. From the top it returns back the same way to the crossroad Pod Pradědem and turns right by the red touristic track to Švýcárna cottage and to crossroad called Slatě (Muds) and along the red track around Velký Jezerník, Kamík and Klínovec. After a meadow it descends around a ski lift to the road from Šumperk to Jeseník from where it’s only a short way back to Červenohorské Mountain Pass.


   Hiking trail - Mountain Pass Skřítek - Červenohorské  Mountain Pass
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 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 867 m n.m.           
 Nad Skřítkem 
 889 m n.m.         
 Pod Ztracenými kameny 
 1114 m n.m.        
 Jelení studánka 
 1269 m n.m.         
 Nad Malým kotlem 
 1282 m n.m.        
 Nad Ovčárnou 
 1386 m n.m.        
 Ovčárna pod Pradědem 
 1321 m n.m.         Crossroad of yellow and blue tourist route. 
 Praděd crossroad 
 1430 m n.m.         
 1491 m n.m.         
 Praděd crossroad 
 1430 m n.m.           
 1320 m n.m.          
 1294 m n.m.        
 Červenohorské sedlo 
 1015 m n.m.        

 Skřítek – There is a very big peat-bog located in the mountain pass called Skřítek (Elf) and it has a tundra character. It is a natural reserve and not publicly accessible.
 Pod Ztracenými Kameny (Under The Lost Stones) - A crossroad of yellow and green touristic track located on the side of a hill called Ztracené Kameny 1250AMSL.
 Jelení studánka (Deer Spring) – The spring is located on the top of Vysoká Hůl 1311AMSL. It is the source of Stříbrný Potok. There is a stone shelter suitable for tourist and skiers in bad weather. There are many rare plants growing nearby.
 Ovčárna pod Pradědem – A ski area with good snow conditions. There are 6 lift of different length and 7 slopes varying in difficulty. The ski area is located in the center of a natural reserve called Praděd.
 Praděd – Praděd is the highest mountain of Hrubý Jeseník, Moravia and Silesia. It is the fifth highest in CZ. The average year temperature doesn’t climb over 1°C. There is a 162m high television tower on the top and the platform of it is the highest point in the Czech Republic. A view tower is 40m high. There is also a restaurant in the tower. Praděd is also a natural reserve with many kinds of rare and protected plants that is why the access to the top is only possible by signed touristic tracks.
 Švýcárna – Touristic cottage located on the most frequented part of Jeseníky 1304AMSL. It was built in 1887, but its history is longer. It used to be a shepherd’s chalet before it has been changed into a cottage. Today it is a reliable base for hikers and skiers.
 Červenohorské sedlo – A mountain pass with an important ski area. Located in 1013AMSL with a touristic cottage built in 1935. The main seat of the mountain rescue system is also located here.

Hiking trail - Mountain Pass Skřítek - Červenohorské  Mountain Pass

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