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Hiking, Trip to surroundings
Around Nový Bor

Length: 20,6 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: YES, Marking: marked

This trip starts in Nový Bor and goes by the red touristic track towards the top of Klíč (Key). It crosses the state road and continues still up along a forest stream still by the red track to the crossroad with the blue one under the top of Klíč. It reaches the top and admires the beautiful views. It descends by the North side of the hill by the red track to the road Svor-Polevsko where it continues to the right by the yellow track to Svor village. From Svor it continues by the red track around the railroad to Rousínov where it turns right and around a former mill by the green track continues all the way to the square in Cvikov. From Cvikov still by the green track around a small pond through a rocky valley to Branovský potok and to a rock formation called Panenské Skály (Virgin Rocks). From there it still follows the green track around Havraní Skály (Raven Rocks) back to Nový Bor where the trip ends.


   Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around Nový Bor
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 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Nový Bor 
 366 m n.m.        
 600 m n.m.        
 Svor churche 
 759 m n.m.        
 434 m n.m.        
 440 m n.m.        
 Údolí samoty 
 359 m n.m.      crossroad with blue route 
 Havraní skály 
 356 m n.m.      crossroad with blue route and cyclo route 3053 
 Nový Bor 
 348 m n.m.        
 366 m n.m.        

 Nový Bor – square - In the territory of today's Nový Bor a settlement was established in 1702, which later developed primarily thanks to the route from Česká Lípa to Rumburk. In 1757 Marie Terezie promoted Nový Bor to a small town. The city has gained worldwide reputation for its glass business. Old houses with wooden floors and empire and bark house factories have survived in the square. In one of these buildings there is a glass museum. The silhouette of the Klíč mountain dominates the surroundings of Nový Bor.
 Klíč (Key) - Peak - Mount Klíč is a massive basalt cone at the top of which there is a rocky plateau, from which there is a truly beautiful view. In good weather you can see the Giant Mountains. On the southwest slope of the mountain is a 60m tall rock-hanging rock wall with an extensive fallow field. The peak parts of the mountain were declared a nature reserve in 1967. On the west side of the hill there are springs serving today as a water supply the overflow of which is arranged in the woods beneath the stone sea like the Well of the Fountain.
 Svor - church - The first mention of the village of Svor dates back to 1395. The original loggia chapel built in 1745 was later rebuilt in late 1788 into a late Baroque church of the Holy Trinity with a tower. Cvikov Square - The first mention of Cvikov dates back to 1352. Typical town-house buildings combine with timbered houses in the town. Cvikov is a crossroads and gateway to the Lusatian Mountains. There are several ponds such as Cvikovský pond, Třeťák, Veselák and others, which are used for breeding purposes and for recreation. The city and its surroundings are renowned recreational areas. In the summer period, the city of Cvikov is used for hiking and cycling and in winter there are suitable conditions for cross-country skiing and downhill skiing.
 Údolí samoty (The valley of solitude) - The Valley of Solitude is located northeast of the village of Radvanec and at its edge we find a pair of sandstone rocks called Panenské skály (Virgin Rocks). The larger of the rocks is called Čertova skála or Škuner and is 30m high. The second rock is a slim tower called The Pirate or Panenská Rock. This rock has an interesting shape and a small rock window at the top. Beneath the rocks is a small rock niche with a carved folk sculpture.
 K Havraním Skalám (The Raven Rocks) - The Raven Rocks are formed by a group of seven sandstone rock towers protruding from a small roughly 300m long sandstone ridge. The most massive and tallest rock was supposed to serve in the 17th century as the execution place of the Sloup Castle. From the view of the top you can see wooded hills in the vicinity of Sloup, in the south stands Špičák near Česká Lípa. Some towers of the Raven Rocks have occasionally been used by climbers who call them Roasted, Dirty and Broken Rock.

Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around Nový Bor

Photos of the route

Cvikov - the square
Glass museum in Nový Bor
The town square in Nový Bor
Mountain Klíč
Mountain Klíč


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