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Hiking, Trip to surroundings
Around the village Prebuz

Length: 13 km
Dificulty: easy
Circle: YES, Marking: partialy marked

This trip begins in Přebuz at the square. From signpost service, which is situated 800 meters north from the village goes through the vast Přebuzské heath and after the green tourist path towards turning to the Špičák. It is possible to walk at the peak Spicak and then go back on a path and continues to the crossroads south of Špičák. Here is Fischerův spring. From the crossroads we will continue following the yellow sign, which leads to Nejdek, turn right at a crossroads Mlýnské Chalupy and following on the road, which lead us back to Přebuz.


   Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around the village Prebuz
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 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 882 m n.m.      road, about 800 m turn to tourist mark 
 Turn to Špičáku 
 969 m n.m.        
 986 m n.m.        
 Crossroad at the south from Špičák 
 889 m n.m.        
 Mlýnské Chalupy 
 818 m n.m.      road 
 882 m n.m.        

 Today, mostly recreational center. From the northern edge of the village is situated Přebuzské bog with a beautiful heathers - natural monument. Its landmark is a church of St. Bartholomew. Tourist attractions around the city are remnants of tin mining - discontinuities ground.
 The highest peak.It towers above the village is Prebuz.
 Spring of drinking water at the crossroad
 Defunct village, now there are only the foundations of houses.

Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around the village Prebuz

Photos of the route

Sight from Špičák
Hill Špičák
Přebuz - formerly
Přebuz - today


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