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Hiking, Trip to surroundings
Around Staré Město pod Sněžníkem

Length: 18,6 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: YES, Marking: marked

This trip starts from Staré Město pod Sněžníkem train station from where it follows the yellow touristic track around a wood storage opposite the flow of Krupá river, to the little bridge and over it to a crossroad in Květná settlement U Hájenky. From there it continues along a car road to the left to Nová Seninka and after about 300m it turns right and climbs up around a cross to the edge of a forest. Then it follows a forest track up to the crossroad Pod Kunčickou Horou (Under Kunčická Mountain), where it turns right to the red track and continues to Medvědí Bouda (Bear cottage). From there it continues along the red track to Růžová Lovecká Bouda (Pink Hunting Cottage) and to Paprsek cottage. From Paprsek it returns back to the crossroad U Paprsku and to the left along the green track to the hill Větrov and then to Starý Kopec. From Old Hill the trip rapidly descends along a field road and through a forest to the car road leading from Staré Město pod Sněžníkem to Malé Vrbno. The trip turns right and by an asphalt road along the flow of Vrbenský stream it comes to a Police recreational center. From there it continues around a small fort to Staré Město pod Sněžníkem, where it takes a left over the bridge and across the square following the sights back to the train station.


   Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around Staré Město pod Sněžníkem
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 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 Staré Město pod Sněžníkem 
 521 m n.m.        
 Hájenka v osadě Květná 
 553 m n.m.        
 Kunčická hora 
 919 m n.m.        
 Cottage Medvědí bouda 
 917 m n.m.        
 Cottage Růžová bouda 
 991 m n.m.        
 U Paprsku 
 975 m n.m.        
 Pod Starým kopcem 
 609 m n.m.        
 Staré Město pod Sněžníkem 
 521 m n.m.        

 Staré Město pod Sněžníkem – The town is surrounded by mountains. It has been destined to open the gates to the beautiful mountains and forests. There are interesting churches, town hall and empire mansions on the square.
 Kunčická hora Mountain – There are nice views from the top of the hill.

Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around Staré Město pod Sněžníkem

Photos of the route

Staré Město pod Sněžníkem
Waterfalls on Kunčický brook
Centre of town Staré Město pod Sněžníkem
Cottage Paprsek


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