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Ramzová - Javorník

   The route starts near the chalet in Ramzovské saddle and continues on the red tourist way to place named Větrolam. Here we turn to the right snd top through wood over the top of mountain Klínový to woody top of mountain Smrk. Not far from the top the peat bog is situated. From the top of Smrk we continue on the yellow tourist way to the top of mountain Kovadlina and than through saddle Peklo and hill Břidličný to the crossroads under the hill Špičák. We can top to this hill or continue on the red tourist way to spring under Stráž. Than we go on wood road across wood and meadows to former village Hraničky and to village Nové Vilémovice. From Nové Vilémovice the route goes through village Červený důl and valley of Račí brook to place called Pod Rychleby. From there we mount to ruine of castle Rychleby and to crucifixs near St. Antonín. From this crossroads we go down to chateau Jánský vrch and than to the centre of town Javorník, where this route finishes at the town-square.
Church of St. Roch in Ramzová
Mountain Kovadlina
Chateau Jánský vrch above Javorník