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saddle Skřítek - Červenohorské saddle

   This trip starts in saddle Skřítek near the motorest and continues on the wood road on the green tourist way to information place named Nad Skřítkem. Than the route goes around the state wilderness area Peat bog Na Skřítku on the hollow way and through the forest to Ztracené kameny. A beautiful view is from there. Than the route continues on the edge around the rocks Pec and Pecný to spring Jelení studánka, whre the Podolský brook rises. From there we go around the mountain Vysoká hole and rocks Petrovy kameny to chalet Ovčárna and than on the small road to the top of mountain Praděd. From its top we come round to crossroads under Praděd and than on the red tourist way to chalet Švýcárna. From there the route continues on the red tourist way on the edge to mountains Velký Jezerník and Klínovec and than goes down around the ski tow to road from Šumperk to Jeseník. It is only not so far to ski area in Červenohorské saddle.
Saddle Skřítek
Mountain Praděd
Červenohorské saddle