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Virtual routes

You can travel all over the selected routes of the Jizera mountains by your computer. You have of course the possibility to change the route, as you want. You get the photo information and the description, which you can use for planing your holiday in the real Jizera mountain. You can enlarge the photos by the click to the area of small photos too.

Travel 1 - From Vyprez via Jested to Plane
The route goes from Vyprez via the peak of Ještěd to Plane pod Jestedem, during typical local sunny and foggy weather.
Small map
Travel 2 - Malinik and Liberec surroundings
Routes leading from Bedrichovske sedlo (Malinik) via Vysoky hrbet around Poutni misto and next along Lesni naucna stezka (Wood educational trail) to Harcov- Myslivna or Harcov- Kostel- a part of Liberec
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Travel 3 - surroundings of Josefův Důl
Routes from Josefův Důl to mountain Jizera or to dam Souš. (May 2001).
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Travel 4 - surroundings of Kořenov and Harrachov
Routes from Harrachov to Jizerka and peat-bog of Jizerka over the Bukovec mountain or around the village Kořenov. Other possibility is the route to Kořenov around the view-tower Štěpánka (March 2001).
Small map
Travel 5 - surroundings of mountain Ještěd
Routes from Liberec - Horní Hanychov over the mountain Ještěd to Karlov pod Ještědem, Pláně pod Ještědem or back to Liberec - Horní Hanychov. (September 2000).
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Travel 6 - surroundings of Bedřichov
Routes from Bedřichov to Nová Louka, Kristiánov, dam Černá Nisa, to Oldřichov v Hájích, Josefův Důl or Liberec. (August 2000).
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The new virtual routes will be added soon, thats why you should visit this page again in the future. If you want to see virtual routes in other Czech mountains, you can HERE.

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