Czech mountains » Lusatian Mountains » Route - Děčín - Labská Stráň - Hřensko

Děčín - Hřensko


This is one of the most beautiful routes of Czech Switzerland. It starts near the hospital in Děčín and continues on red tourist way up the rock walls to view-point on the top of mountain Stoličná hora. Than we go on a peak of mountain along the view-point Sněžnická vyhlídka to pavilion at view-point Labská vyhlídka. From there we go to the edge of village Ludvíkovice and down through the rocky canyon to cemetery of vistims of Second World War II. Than we mount to the top of sandstone table and beautiful view-point Belvedér - the oldest view-point in Czech Switzerland. From this point we go through village Labská Stráň to valley of river Suchá Kamenice and through it down to its junction with River Elbe. From there the route continues to the right on a state road to village Hřensko.

Canyon of river Elbe