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Jedlová - Jiřetín pod Jedlovou

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This route starts near the railway station Jedlová and continues on green and yellow tourist ways gently up the hill on so-called Tolštejn road. At the crossroad of tourist ways we turn to the left ad mount on green tourist way to the place salled Ranč (Ranch). Here we turn to the left and continue on red tourist way under the top of mountain Jedlová and turn to right on its top with stone view-tower. From there we go back to crossroad and than on downhill route through other crossroad to village Jedlová. Than we continue to hill Křížová hora and to chapel on its top. This route finishes on stations of the Cross down to small town Jiřetín pod Jedlovou.

Sight from Jedlová to east
View-tower on Jedlová
Stations of the cross near Jiřetín