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Trip to surroundings of Nový Bor

We start in Nový Bor and than go on red tourist way to the crossroad under the top of mountain Klíč. We continue to the top of mountain, from where are the beautiful views. From the top we go down on north slope to small road Svor - Polevsko (already on red tourist way). Than we continue to village Svor and along the railway line to village Rousínov. From there we go on green tourist ways to town-square in Cvikov and along the small pond through the valley of stream Branovský potok to rock formation Panenská skála. Than, already on green tourist way, along the rock Havraní skála back to Nový Bor, where the trip finishes at the town-square. (Total about 18,5km)

Town-square Nový Bor
Mountain Klíč from Cvikov
Town-square in Cvikov