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Trip to surroundings of Srbská Kamenice

The trip starts near the bus station in the centre of Srbská Kamenice and continues first on road and than mount on meadow route on yellow tourist way to the top of mountain Růžovému vrchu. From there we go back (about 0,5km) and than down on north slope to crossroad of tourist ways. From there we continue on small road to Kamenická Stráň and than through the village again on yellow tourist way to beautiful valley of river Kamenice. We can make small excursion to ruins of mill Dolský Mlýn (about 0,5km) and than continue on blue tourist way along the river back to Srbská Kamenice. We go accross the river to its right bank and go to our starting point. (Total length about 13,5km)

Church in Srbská Kamenice
Mountain Růžovský vrch