Virtual routes

You can travel all over the selected routes of the Ore mountains by your computer. You have of course the possibility to change the route, as you want. You get the photo information and the description, which you can use for planing your holiday in the real Ore mountains. You can enlarge the photos by the click to the area of small photos too

Route 1 - Kokořínsko - without crossroad
Trail from Kokorinske valley takes a walk around a trip circle and back to Kokorinske valley (march 2007)
Small map
Route 2 - Rečkov, Klokočka - 1 crossroad
The path from Mala Bela to the national natural memory Reckov, to Klokocka and back (April 2005)
Small map
Route 3 - From Černčice to Milešovka - without crossroad
The hike from Cerncice to Milesovka, the biggest mountain of Czech Middle Mountains (September 2004)
Small map
The new virtual routes will be added soon, thats why you should visit this page again in the future. If you want to see virtual routes in other Czech mountains, you can HERE.

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