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Virtual routes

You can travel all over the selected routes of the Ore mountains by your computer. You have of course the possibility to change the route, as you want. You get the photo information and the description, which you can use for planing your holiday in the real Ore mountains. You can enlarge the photos by the click to the area of small photos too.

Travel 1 - surroundings of Jáchymov - without crossroad
Easy travel from crossroad near Abertamy to Nové Město and Jáchymov
Small map
Travel 2 - surroundings of Přebuz - 1 crossroad
The routes lead from the Prebuz village to the Spicak mountain and to a pond near Prebuz
Small map
Travel 3 - surroundings of Horní Blatná - without crossroad
The route leads from the Horni Blatna village to the Blatensky vrch hill and back along an educational trail.
Small map
Travel 4 - surroundings of Plešivec - 1 crossroad
Routes leading from Bozi Dar to the Plesivec hill or via Marianska to Jachymov.
Small map
Travel 5 - surroundings of Klínovec and Neklid - without crossroad
This trip goes from the car park near funicular from Jachymov to Klinovec and via Klinovec and Neklid to the starting point.
Small map
Travel 6 - surroundings of Bouřňák
The routes, which go from Mikulov through Nové Město and Bouřňák to Hrob or through the hill Vrch tří pánů to Osek
Small map
Travel 7 - surroundings of Klínovec
The routes, which go from the highest Czech town Boží Dar over the Klínovec to Jáchymov or Stráž nad Ohří
Small map
The new virtual routes will be added soon, thats why you should visit this page again in the future. If you want to see virtual routes in other Czech mountains, you can HERE.

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