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Hiking, Trip to surroundings
Around Meziměstí

Length: 15,7 km
Dificulty: medium
Circle: YES, Marking: marked

From the square in Meziměstí, we follow the red and blue signs over a railway crossing to a crossroad. Here we turn left towards Vižňov, where also the blue tourist sign is heading. We are still on the car road, right at the end of the city is the health resort valley - swimming pool. The road next to the stream leads us through the village of Vižňov to the church. Here we turn right and cross the bridge to the village of Pomeznice. Here the road passes into a path that rises up below a continuous belt of forest. In nice weather there is a beautiful view of the entire Mezimburk basin with surrounding Broumov and Mirošov walls including a part of Polish territory. Walking through the woods up we come to a maintained forest path where we turn right and get to the border with Poland in a slight climb. Along the border the footpath leads us to the top of the Ruprechtický Spičák. Here is a newly built lookout tower. From here by a well-kept forest road we go down to the tourist signpost with a turn to Janovičky. But we go straight by the yellow track through the forest and later through the village of Ruprechtice up to the church. Here we turn right on the red marked route go down the road to Meziměstí.


   Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around Meziměstí
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 Dist.   Location   Elevation   Marking   Description 
 442 m n.m.        
 477 m n.m.        
 498 m n.m.        
 Ruprechtický Špičák 
 865 m n.m.       yellow tourist route 
 455 m n.m.         
 442 m n.m.        
More photos from around the route:

 Meziměstí - In Meziměstí there is a chateau which originally served as the summer residence of the Broumov abbot. The chateau is today the most valuable historical monument of Meziměstí. In front of the chateau there is a cross from 1751 and a statue of St. Jan Nepomucký from 1728. The river Stěnava flows to Poland from here.
 Vižňov - In Vižňov there were preserved timbered cottages, parts of village, yards with fragments of classicist architectural elements. The former one-storey pub in the upper part of Vižňov hides its original half-timbered building, the only one lasting in Broumov area, under one of its casts. Another monument is the Church of St. Anne.
 Ruprechtický Špičák - Ruprechtický Špičák is the highest peak of the Javoří Mountains (880 m above sea level). From its top there is a beautiful view of the valley of the river Stěnava, the entire Broumov basin, lined with Table Mountains and Broumovské walls. In good visibility you can also see the peaks of the Giant Mountains. There is a newly built lookout tower.
 Ruprechtice - The dominating sight of Ruprechtice is the Baroque church of St. Jacob the Bigger, built in 1721 on an octagonal ground plan according to the plans of K.I.Dienzenhofer. There is a 16th-century brick-and-bronze renaissance bell tower on the grounds of the church. There are several typical Broumov type agricultural estates in the village most of them used for recreational purposes.

Hiking, Trip to surroundings - Around Meziměstí

Photos of the route

View from Broumovské rocks
Ruprechtický Špičák
View from Broumovské rocks
Ruprechtice - church
Meziměstí - Swimming pool
Meziměstí - View-tower
Meziměstí - Chateau


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