Animals of the Bohemian Paradise

Rock cities with coniferous and mixed woods in which the pine and the spruce prevail, together with denuded volcanic hills, are the most characteristics feature of the landscape of the Bohemian Paradise. The most extensive are Příhrazské and Prachovské skály, Hruboskalsko. The rock cities are enriched by the jack daw, which is very vulnerable, the raven, the stone marten and the tiger beetle. In the darkness or twilight of the caves and the cellars of old castles, chateaux and houses there lives the cave orb-weaver.

Stone marten

Although it does not belong to popular animals, it should be noted that this very species contributed to the fame of this region in its way - it was in the Hrubá Skála that it was found for the first time in the territory of Bohemia. From insects we can find here the giant ichneumon fly, the ant lion and so on.

Cave orb-weaver

The Bohemian Paradise is the nesting site of some 120 species, but another hundred of species passes through or winters in the region from spring to autumn for example the goosander, the waxwing, the brambling. One of the rarest visitors of the Bohemian Paradise is the little stint. The typical inhabitans of ponds regardless of their size and location are the tufted duck and the mallard. One of the biggest birds is the eagle owl, which have in the rock cities optimal living conditions. There is also the smallest bird of the all Europe there, the goldcrest.

Garden tiger moth

Ponds have formed part of Bohemian landscape and, consequently, of the Bohemian Paradise, for centuries. Shallows parts of ponds merge with littoral vegetation and further on with meadows on some sites. The higher plant vegetation hosts a number of invertebrates like worms, molluscs, insect larvae and imagoes. In ponds lives the pond mussel, the biggest mollusc of not only our region, but of the whole country. Then vulnerable the common crayfish and the alpine newt. From fish for example the grayling, the trout. The peat bogs are most inhabited by protozoans, crustaceans and spiders.

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