Plants of the Bohemian Paradise

Woods of the Bohemian Paradise are prevalently secondary clusters of spruces, on the stone plateaus prevail pine woods, in places pervaded by poor acidophilous oak woods. In them, on the shallow soil, originated by disintegration of silicious sandstones, are wide growth of bilberries, various firns, including the biggest firn bracken, heath, out of grasses the hair grass, numerous mosses and lichens.

Red helleborine

Richer flora is in the oak-hornbeam woods in the southern part of the country or in the beech woods in the Jizera valley in the Maloskalsko region.

A remarkable plant of some places in the Bohemian Paradise is the horsetail, over 1 meter high. Rare flora is to be found on the last remainder of the peat and swamp meadows and in the surroundings of the lovely lakes such as Věžický, Vidlák, Nebákov, Drhlenské ponds, Komárovský, Žabakor or Jinolické ponds. Also a rich net of brooks and small creeks, aiming chiefly to the Jizera river, create romantic nooks with interesting botanical and animal species.

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