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Kost - Trosky


We go down from the bus station Pomníky on red mark about 2 km to the castle Kost. From here we carry on along the White Pond to crossroads at embouchere of Prokop's valley. We don't get into but we will follow green marked path which is directed to Rytířova Lhota. From this village we go down through the valley to Pleskot's mill. Behind the brook Žehrovka we turn right and after 2 km (still on green) we come to the pond Věžák. Behind the dike we turn right on green mark and we go along the pond about 3 km. It's one of the most beautiful place of the Czech Paradise - Podtrosecká valleys. Then we come to restaurant near the pond Vidlák (delicious meal). We go on red, go over the dike of pond and start to rising to the forrest. Through the village Tachov we come bellow rhe ruin of the castle Trosky. We have to see the castle, because from the tower Baba is beautiful view. From the Trosky is breaking down on green mark to the village Ktová to railway station. This trip takes whole day and is physical demanding.

Věžák pond