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Trip to surroundings of Jičín

We begin in Jičín near pond Kníže. We rise by road to Prachov on red mark. We still go on red and later we turn to forrest and after 1 km we come to crossroads above the Corridor of Emperor. Then the route lead to the left when we can find the most beautiful views of Prachovské Rocks. After 1 km we come to the Turistická chalet. We carry on red over the bathing pool U Pelíška and through the valley we come to rock castle Pařez. There is a rising along the road to Pařezská Lhota to crossroads. To the right side and after 1 km on the next crossroads to the left and down to ponds of Jinolice. Then we go on yellow and blue bellow the top of the Brada. We go down on blue through Kbelnice (restaurant Rumcajs) and back to Jičín.

Main square of Jičín
Prachovské Rocks