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Trip to surroundings of Turnov

We go out from the square of Turnov on red marked tourist path. We come to the village Záholice after four kilometres, then we go still on red mark and we can turn left about 500 m to the view Zdenčina skála. After edge of the Betlémské Rocks we come to a crossroads above Průchody. Here we can come down through the cove to the village Klokočí (restaurant). But from Průchody you can go on yellow mark about 1 km to the rock castle Rotštejn. From the castle we return to Průchody when we can turn left and go on yellow. After 1 km gradient we come down to the biggest cave of the Czech Paradise Postojná. Then still on yellow mark we arrive to the village Bělá and on the square we turn left and we return through valley Stébenka.

Betlémské Rocks