History of the Eagle mountains and region Broumov

The oldest indicium of settlement is from the era of medium paleolit. The finds of this era were founded near Dobruška. In the 14th to 9th century B.C. the area was settled by people of urn. These were replaced by Silesian-Planětická culture and later by Latenian culture.

Chateau in Náchod

The beginning of Slavonic settlement are connected with clan of Slavníkov. After their massacre the region fall to the clan of Přemysl. They built the castles as Opočen or Vratislav. The main source of entry was the trade with region Kladsko. The area has also the military importance, as the boundary region. The area of region Broumov was colonized by monastery. The most important monastery wer in Broumov, Police nad Metují or Broumov. In the 15th century there start the expansion of small guardian castles, which started to be a basis of later towns. The centres of this era were for example Rychnov nad Kněžnou, Dobruška, Solnice, Vamberk, Lanškroun etc. The area of Eagle mountains was colonized in second part 14th century.

The area was affected also by the Thirty-years war. After the Bílá hora check the area was aflicted vy confiscation. This oppresion invoked several risings.

In the 19th century many national revivalist works there, for example Bohuslav Balbín or F. L. Hek.

Blockhouse near fortress Hanička

After the formation of Czechoslovakia there started the national antagonism between chzech and german inhabitants. Czechoslovak army must supress the German protests. For the protection of border there was built the extensive fortification with many small to large forthresses. The most important fortresses were for example Hanička, Dobrošov or Adam.

Since the beginnig of 19th century there was built the extensive network of tourist ways. In the year 1921 the Jirásek´s way was originated. it is the longest tourist way in region (97km). The expansion was invoked also by skiing. The first ski centres were Sedloňov and Bartošovice.

Both of areas were proclaimed as natural protected areas in the 20th century. There are also several nature preserves, for example bukačka, Jelení Lázeň, etc.

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