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The main ridge of the Eagle Mountains is about 1000m a.s.l. The highest point of the Eagle Mountains is the Velka Destna (1115m a.s.l.). Other significant peaks of the Eagle Mountains are Vrchmezi (1084m a.s.l.), Mala Destna (1090m a.s.l.), Serlich (1025m a.s.l.), Annensky vrch (995m a.s.l.) or Zaklety (991m a.s.l.). Foothills of Podorlicka pahorkatina belongs to territory of the Eagle Mountains. The highest area of the Eagle Mountains is declared as Protected Landscape Area. The Eagle Mountains provide many options for hiking and skiing. Well-known ski resorts of the Eagle Mountains are Ricky, Destne, Bartosovice or Cenkovice. The Broumov region is known by the Adrspach-Teplice rocks area or Broumov walls. These pearls of Broumov region are paradise for climbers and tourists.