The main influence to the formation of plants in region Broumov has the geological structure and evolution. The rare plants grow mainly in detritus woods and steep slopes and in reversible location of rock gulchs and meadows.

Peat-bog Jelení lázeň
The relative plenty of plants in Eagle mountains is the result of evolution in the era of Quaternary, when the region had been a connection between Giant mountains ana Carpathian areas. After the glacier receded there have behaved the glacial relicts, for example dwarfish birch.

The highest zone of natural species are mountain spruce woods. For the zone of beech woods is typical the combination of fir, sycamore, beech and elm. Todays woods have mainly the secondary character with majority of spruce.

The areas around the springs of rivers are the most proved original comunity of plants. The rests of original growths you can find in several nature preserve, for example Bukačk, Trčkov, Sedloňovský vrch, Pod Vrchmezím or Černý důl. Also the peat-bog Jelení lázeň gives the conditions for grow of rare plants.

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