The fauna of Giant mountains is dependent on vegetative zones. The constitution of plants, climate and geological conditions are the main factor of currency of animals.


In the past man extirpated the big beasts in the mountain woods (for example bear, wolf or lynx). In the woods offer stags, roebucks and rarely the wild-boar. Usual beasts are fox, marten and weasel. The most extensive animals in the woods are the birds, for example finch, bullfinch, blackbird or woodpecker. To spineless animals rank butterflies and beetles, especially ground-beetles.

In the growth of dwarf pine, mountain meadows and peat-bogs live completely diferent kinds of animals. Typical birds are titlark or cheeper. At the sunny places you can see lizard viviparous or viper.

In the surroundings of mountain streams live dipper, mountain wagtail or rarely kingfisher.

Thanks to their unique fauna and flora have the Giant mountains proclamed to National park. You must respect some limitaions, which protected this unique nature.

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