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Daily updated snow report from the ski resorts in the area of Giant mountains

New snowNew snow
Snow typeSnow typeOperationOperationCableways<br/>liftsCableways
On-line cameraWeatherBenecko10-30-wetin operation6/141.6km from 5.2km (6/15)4.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerná hora - J.Lázně30-110-granularin operation8/1214.8km from 17.8km (12/18)1.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherČerný Důl20-50-artificialin operation4/72.2km from 8.5km (4/12)2.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherDolní Dvůr - Luisino údolí10-20-wetin operation1/20.6km from 1.8km (1/4) -
On-line cameraWeatherDolní Dvůr - Ski Family10-50-granularin operation2/60.4km from 1.5km (3/8) -
On-line cameraWeatherH.Mísečky - Medvědín40-1001wetin operation8/915km from 15km (11/11)1.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherHarrachov40-80-wetin operation4/56.5km from 7.9km (5/7)3.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherHerlíkovice30-50-wetin operation6/76.6km from 11.9km (7/12)2.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherJablonec nad Jizerou-- - out of operation0/20 km from 3.3km (0/3)3.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherKněžický vrch-- - out of operation0/70 km from 5.9km (0/9) -
On-line cameraWeatherMalá Úpa20-40-artificialin operation8/96.6km from 6.9km (12/13)3.0°C
On-line cameraWeatherMladé Buky70-120-wetin operation4/71.4km from 4.5km (4/9)2.3°C
On-line cameraWeatherPaseky nad Jizerou30-45-artificialin operation4/62.4km from 9.5km (2/10) -
On-line cameraWeatherPec pod Sněžkou50-120-granularin operation13/1412km from 13.9km (16/19)2.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherPrkenný Důl - Arrakis-- - out of operation0/30 km from 4.8km (0/7) -
On-line cameraWeatherPrkenný Důl - Family Park30-60-artificialin operation3/50.7km from 1.1km (3/5) -
On-line cameraWeatherRadvanice20-40-artificialin operation2/20.6km from 0.7km (2/3) -
On-line cameraWeatherRokytnice nad Jizerou10-70-slushyin operation4/106.7km from 16.2km (6/19)4.5°C
On-line cameraWeatherSněžka-- - in operation1/2 - 2.0°C
On-line cameraWeatherŠp.Mlýn - Svatý Petr20-90-wetin operation4/813.1km from 13.7km (9/11)1.8°C
On-line cameraWeatherStrážné20-30-artificialin operation2/40.9km from 1.5km (2/4)4.4°C
On-line cameraWeatherSvoboda nad Úpou10-30-artificialin operation1/30.4km from 1.1km (1/3)3.6°C
On-line cameraWeatherVelká Úpa30-50-artificialin operation3/42.4km from 2.4km (3/3)2.2°C
On-line cameraWeatherVítkovice20-50-wetin operation3/71.7km from 5.4km (3/10)3.1°C
On-line cameraWeatherVysoké nad Jizerou-- - out of operation0/30 km from 4.2km (0/6)4.6°C
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Source: © Sitour CZ and ski resort operators

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