History of the Giant Mountains

Giant mountains were in primeval ages and the Middle Ages almost houseless. Almost all mountains were overgrown by proof woods, which created natural protection against invasions from the nord. The first ways originated along the rivers and they connected Czech and Silesian.

House of Kryštof from Gendorf from 16th century in Vrchlabí

First mentions of colonization of foothills are from half of 13rd century. It was probably the Slavonic settlrment. Later in 13dr century came the second wavw of colonization. This wave was formed by German population. In the foothills started to growth the villages, for example Hostinné and Trutnov. In the 14th century the Silesia took a part of Czech kingdom and the border woods started to chop down. It standed a big freshet of colonists and they started to originate the pastures and fields.

From 13rd to 15th century the Giant mountains were settled only by hunters, diggers of gold, silver and gemstones. They were called Wallen.

The other important element for colonization was development of mining in 16th century. But mining fetch along the big devastation of woods and the logging had to be finished in the year 1609 and shifted to Ore mountains.

Rýchorský cross from the year 1805

During the Thirty years war happend to settlement of higher areas of Giant mountains. The population of foothills tried to run away to security. In the 16th and 17th centuries started to growth "chalets economy. The owners of rules originated the chalets and it hired to breeders of cows, goats, sheeps and horses.

In the break of 19th and 20th century started to develop tourism. Chalets changed to recreation objects and from small villages became to sport centres.

A main part of Giant mountains was proclaimed in the year 1963 to National park (Krnap). Its area is about 38500 ha.

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