The climate of Giant mountain if inclement and it´s different from other Europe mountains. The climatic influences affect to length of growing season of Giant mountains´ plats. Giant mountains are one of the coldest place in the Czech republic and growing season takes only about 100 days.


Giant mountains´ mountains, ridges and valleys were overgrown by high spruce and beech woods. Plants guilds were not different compared to other czech mountains. The acidity of earth didn´t enable the growth of varied vegetation over the border of wood.

Giant mountains are high reputable for their flora. On their area grovth 31 Giant mountains´ endemic plants. You can find a extensive areas of spruce wood oar dwarf pine, but some places are unique thanks their kinds treasure, for example "Čertova garden". These areas are situated above all in cirques and valleys (valleys Sněžné jámy, Labská jáma, Úpaská jáma etc.).

Černohorské peat-bog

The totality of these influences and conditions affect to Giant mountains´ flora. You can find there even the arctic endemities, for example snow saxifrage. The integral part of flora take also typical peat-bogs and spring places, mountain meadows, woods and valleys.

The nature of Giant mountains is very petite and in danger. Therefor has the area proclaimed to National park. You must respect some limitaions, which protected this unique nature.

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