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Chotebor - valley of Doubrava - Bilek

The route begins on the Chotebor main square and continues along the chapel of St. Anna to the former the Horni Mlyn mill. At this point the valley of Doubrava starts. Today’s route goes through it as well as along the educational trail which presents the richness of this protected zone. The trail has eleven informative tables on the whole. We set off along the red tourist path to the place called “the winding whirl” at first and after that to “Pod Sokohrady”- a huge rock formation above the river. The route is quite demanding, we recommend having quality shoes and dry season. From Sokohrady the route leads via the valley called Koryto. We climb at first to a rock gash which the river flows through during wild rapids and from there we climb down. The route further goes along the river passing interesting formations- Vesela skala (the “Happy” rock), Miksova jama (The Mikulasova hole), the Lom quarry as far as we meet a recreation centre. Here we cross the river and continue on very comfortable road with red signs lengthwise the river to the Bilek village.

Town-hall in Chotebor
Valley of Doubrava
Valley of Doubrava