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Jimramov - water-reservoir Vir

The trip begins on the square in Jimramov. We set off on the red tourist path, at the end of the square to the left, toward the Svratka river. We cross the river and continue from the road to the right toward the forest. The forest path leads alongside the river via Uncin to Dalesin in the main. Here the road comes across a ruin of a castle, turns left, goes down to the road and along it continues right to the bridge. At that place it connects with the red tourist path and behind the bridge alongside the Svratka river we reach the water-reservoir Vir. The road ascends again quite steeply to the highest located village - to Karasin. From Karasin we follow the green signs crossing a hilly scenery and after that through a forest walk down on a comfortable path to the village Vir and toward the water-reservoir Vir II.

Chateau in Jimramov
Water-reservoir Vír