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Telc - pond Velky parezity rybnik

The route begins in Telc at the car park. We set off on the green and red tourist path on the road to Stepansky pond. When we let the town behind we step into a beautiful alley which leads us to a place called “Lipka”. Here, at the Luh reservation, the route turns up on the green signs to a road where we turn left via “Velky dil” and “V Padelcich” to the Castkovicky pond. We pass along the pier to the Lhotka village and next toward a ruin of the Stemberk castle. Once we are up, we can walk down again along the blue tourist signs to “Pleskova louka” meadow and through a wood to the crossroads “Na Pruseku”. From that point it is just a biscuit - throw to the Velky parezity pond - a natural reservation suggestive of Taiga.

Chateau Telc
Pond in Telc