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Tremosnice - Libice nad Doubravou

This route begins in Tremosnice at the station. We set off along the green signs towards the centre. After crossing of the Zlaty potok brook, we turn left and continue around the centre to Hedvikov. After about one kilometre we meet the red tourist path which we will walk along now. In the Hedvikovo udoli valley the red path turns right and sharply rises to the the Kankovske hory mountains ridge. After three kilometres we climb down to the Kubikovy Duby saddle. There is a crossroads of tourist path as well. The route rises sharply again along the ridge to Javorka, from it we go down to the water-reservoir Sec. The way essentially copies the reservoir which we reach at Dolni ves. From the Jewish cemetery we keep walking along the water to Brezinky where the route turns to the Dvur settlement. From Dvur we walk to nearby Klokockov and next along the red via Modletin and from there along the green crossing wood to Spalava. At the memorable tree the road becomes quite hard to Lany, hence one kilometre on road and after that along the road right via a small valley to Libice nad Doubravou.

Libice nad Doubravou