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Around Nasavrky

The route of this trip begins on the square in the Nasavrky village from where we set off southwestward to Hodonin where we turn along the road to Libkov. After about one kilometre we cross a yellow tourist path under the Planina hill (564m). From this spot we will walk down slowly to the valley on the road to Libkov and further to the valley of the Chrudimka river. Here we turn to the right and along blue signs continue lengthwise the Chrudimka river bank to Mezisveti as far as to the Krizanovice water-reservoir. The way around the reservoir goes over a broken terrain and after approximately two kilometres inclines and rises to Hradiste. It used to be a Celtic oppidum in primeval ages. From here se set off again along green tourist signs back to the Chrudimka river valley, turn left and drop to the Krhanka valley. After one kilometre we meet blue signs and come to the part of the valley called Peklo (Hell). Than we go back to the crossroads of green and blue signs and walk up back to Nasavrky through the Debrny valley.

Chateau in Nasavrky
Water-reservoir Krizanovice