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Around Svratka

The trip starts at the bus station in the Svratka village. We set off along the yellow tourist path out of the village. The road is rising a bit; we enter the wood in a while. We continue through the wood to the crossroads “U Zadni Hury” where the green path joins us. Still along the yellow path we go on the crossroads called “U Zida” (At the Jew). From that point we climb the hill Devet skal. The view from the top is in part covered by high-grown trees. Around the hunting – lodge set under the peak we continue along the blue tourist path which is slightly hard fall at first and after a while less hard fall to the Krizanky village. Above the village we walk out from the wood and come across a road which goes over the Svratka river still following the blue signs. After a mild rise we enter a wood again and crossing the crossroads Plankovka, we reach the rock formation and the natural reservation called Ctyri palice. The blue path goes on and after two kilometres get us to Zkamenely zamek, a rock suggestive a chateau ruin. Along the blue and red signs we climb to the hunting- lodge “Karlstejn”, which is now used as a recreation centre. From Karlstejn we go down to the golf course and around it back to Svratka.

Ctyri palice from Devet skal
Ctyri palice
Under the Karlstejn