Czech Mountains » Bohemian-Moravian Highlands » Trip to surroundings - Třemošnice

Around Tremosnice

The trip begins at the bus station in the Tremosnice village, from where we continue along the yellow signs toward the village centre. We turn right soon and walk lengthwise the Zlaty river to the Doubrava river. Along the right river bank we get to Parizov, where we come across the blue sings and along it we go to Bestvina. From Bestvina we go on along the green path to the ridge of Zelezne hory (mountains) and after one kilometre we meet the Zupanda hamlet. The sheer climbing is already waiting us. It takes us to the crossroads at Kubikovy Duby, hence we walk down from the ridge to Dolni Pocatky. There we turn left and along the yellow walk to the Peklo (Hell) pond. We go back along the route lengthwise the Zlaty river to Tremosnice.

Valley of Doubrava