Czech Mountains » South Moravia » Bítov - Cornštejn

Bitov - chateau Bitov - castle Cornstejn - Bitov

This route begins in the centre of Bitov. From there we set off along the blue and red tourist path at first to the crossroad Vranec (1,5km). From here we follow the red one only to the castle Bitov (3,5km). After the possible visit we go back a few metres to a village chapel from where we drop toward a water-reservoir. We must go around the Bitovska bay- so we cross cottage settlements to the camp Horka (5,5km). After that we continue over a bay along a narrow route to the bridge over the dam Vranov (7km). Crossing the bridge we walk on the green tourist path to an elbow to castle Cornstejn (8km). Along this road we reach the ruin of that castle. After the visit we go back over the bridge and still along the green signs to Bitov.

Castle Bitov
Dam from the bridge