Palava hills, Moravian Karst, Thayatal
Moravian Karst, a scenic area northward of town Brno, is one the most important karst areas in Central Europe. There are known more than 1000 caves in the Moravian Karst. In the northern part of the Moravian Karst there is the largest cave system in the Czech Republic, several caves opened to the public and the famous abyss Macocha. Palava Hills, geologically correctly called Pavlov Hills, contains the entire complex of limestone formations in South Moravia. Area of Palava is an amazing biosphere reserve with many endangered plants and animals protected by UNESCO. Lednice-Valtice Complex near the Palava hills is one of the rarest pearls of historical and cultural heritage of the Czech Republic. Thayatal is an unique natural area in the Czech Republic. Thayatal is characterized by extraordinary natural scenery.