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Cave Balcarka - Krasova - Jedovnice - Krtiny

The route begins near the cave Balcarka. After the possible visit, we continue along the red tourist path via Kralovske udoli and up to the village Krasova (3km). Still along the red signs we walk over a hill to Jedovnice. We go down to its centre (4,7km) and around the pond Olsovec to a turning of yellow tourist path. We sill continue along that yellow signs up passing the hill Tipecek (9,9km), where we walk down to a road and to the Arboretrum MZLU Krtiny (8,3km). This arboretrum is open to visitors every Saturday between 10:00 and 16:00 from June to September. After the visit we follow the yellow path to the well K.Schidlera. From there we turn to the crossroads Lisci lec (10,3km). The yellow path leads us back to Zemanuv zleb and to the centre of Krtiny which is the destination of this trip.

Cave Balcarka
Jedovnice and Olsovec
Arboretum Krtiny